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School Meals

Free Meals for 4 - 7year olds

The Government has made provision for all children in Foundation Stage and Key Stage One to receive a free school meal every day. We hope that you will take up this opportunity as it provides them with a balanced meal in the middle of the day.

It has been scientifically proven that children work better when they have eaten well. School dinners are easier to monitor than lunch boxes. Lunch time controllers are on hand to help children cut up their food until they can do this independently.  There is always a choice of food and a vegetarian option is also on offer. If your child has other dietary needs you will need to contact ISS Catering to discuss options with you.

school dinner

Meals for 7 - 11year olds

Unfortunately, these meals are not free!

However, we hope that children in Key Stage 2 will continue to have a hot meal especially during the winter months, as their ability to concentrate and learn in the afternoons is just as important.

Meals cost £2.20

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