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Boiler House Sign. words and actions

Our Intent

Through our school curriculum at St Mark’s, we strive to nurture a community who:

  • Believe that their words and actions can positively influence and inspire others
  • Seek, recognise and become good role models
  • Develop the values, knowledge and skills to become responsible citizens of the future.

In order to achieve our intent, our curriculum is designed to be broad and balanced so that it can:

  • Offer rich, varied and engaging experiences that inspire children to develop curiosity and a lifelong love of learning
  • Adapt in response to children’s individual starting points and prior knowledge so that children of all backgrounds, needs and abilities can discover and develop their unique strengths, make progress, achieve their potential and thrive
  • Provide purposeful learning opportunities, carefully planned to encourage confident, reflective learners who show resilience, take risks with their learning and persevere when challenged
  • Show clear progression and links between subjects and year groups so that children develop a depth and breadth of knowledge, explore learning in different contexts and develop transferable skills
  • Equip children with skills and knowledge relevant to today’s world which prepare them for the next steps of their education and later life
  • Help our children build tolerance, empathy and respect for each other, embracing the diversity in our community, our country and the world as a whole
  • Exploit opportunities to explore how words and actions – past, present and future – have the power to change the world.

Implementation of our Curriculum

Impact of our Curriculum

By the time children leave St Mark’s, they will:

  • Have made good progress from individual starting points
  • Have the knowledge skills and values that prepare them for the next stage of their education and for adult life
  • Seek, recognise and become good role models so that their words and actions should be used to positively impact and inspire others.
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