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What our children say

  • The best thing about St Mark's is that everyone is kind and caring.
  • When I leave St Mark's I will always remember the opportunities, especially Rhos because it brings us closer together and makes us believe in ourselves.
  • Our words and actions change our world. This is true at St Mark's because everything we do can make a difference, no matter how small.
  • Everyone has a voice at St Mark's and every voice is heard...The teachers act how they expect us to act and say things they expect us to say, setting a good example towards all children.
  • I love St Mark's.

Year 6 leavers 2019

What parents say we do well

  • Small and caring community feel.
  • The nurturing environment where every child is treated as an individual and given the opportunity to thrive.
  • The sense of community and belonging.
  • Sense of family. Great values and good teaching.
  • It has a strong community, an active PTA and seems to be looking to continually improve.
  • It has a great atmosphere, approachable staff and a happy environment.

Parent Comments (Survey March 2019)

What our Visitors Say:

"The staff were amazing and an absolute pleasure to work with.... You have a fantastic team, and I know you're all going to be brilliant at creating a new ambition for EVERY child"

PE trainer. September 2019

"Adults and pupils alike care for each other, showing respect and kindness. You are ambitious for pupils to achieve well and to make good progress academically, but you also place a strong emphasis on developing pupils’ characters and their sense of responsibility."
 OFSTED October 2018

What parents say they like most about our school

  • I think there are lots of opportunities for children to take responsibility. There is also a variety of external activities for children to get involved in.
  • I think the Christian ethos is great, particularly in today's society, and like the aspect of collective worship. I hadn't really thought about this when we joined the school, but actually, it's very important.
  • I like the different learning possibilities for the children such as the visitors, trips to the church etc.. and the amount of outdoor play they seem to have. My child reflects on this a lot.
  • Good value system of kindness and respect is in place.
  • (You) get the children to think about their impact on situations and involve them in making a difference and raising funds.
  • Almost everything. My children are happy.

Parent Comments (survey March 2019)

What our Visitors Say:

"Pupils are safe in school because leaders have placed the well-being of every child at the heart of the school’s work."

"Pupils thrive on the many opportunities that they have to take responsibility, and this contributes to the school being a warmly inclusive and friendly place for pupils to learn. " OFSTED October 2018


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