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PE - Subject Leader: Miss Kathryn Stubbs

Intent - Our Vision and Ethos for PE

At Cold Ash St Mark’s, we believe that physical education is vital in its contribution to a pupil’s long term physical and emotional development, well-being and health.

Our Physical Education curriculum is designed to:

  • Allow children to develop the fundamental movement skills of agility, balance and co-ordination which they can then apply to a variety of sports.
  • Show clear progression between year groups so that children become physically confident over time.
  • Be carefully planned to cater for individual needs and abilities so that all children are able to enjoy success and feel joy.
  • Provide a balance of individual, team, co-operative and competitive situations, which will allow children develop their personal skills and social skills. 
  • Teach children the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle, and the importance of choosing to be active throughout their lives.

Curriculum Overview

The curriculum map for PE has been designed in line with the National Curriculum guidance. It ensures that there is a good breadth of coverage across the school and that the children have the opportunity to apply skills in different sporting contexts. We have also tried to achieve a balance of team activities and opportunities for individuals to develop their individual skills. In all areas we are keen to promote the importance of physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle. Units currently highlighted in yellow will be delivered by external coaches working alongside our teaching staff.

Each term one of our PE lessons is taught using the Real PE scheme of work. This scheme is fully aligned to the national curriculum and focuses on the development of key skills, whilst also providing opportunities for competition and cooperation. It aims to give every child the opportunity to succeed and enjoy PE.

Encouraging Physical Activity and Competition

We are part of The West Berkshire Sports Partnership who organise a number of competitions and events that we participate in each year. As well as these we also enter events organised by Team Kennet Athletics. Trinity Secondary School and Elstree School.

Our aim is that every child is given the opportunity to represent the school at an external sporting event during their time at St Mark's. We try to ensure that we enter into a range of competitive and festival style events which allow children of all different abilities to take part.

In 2018-19, we took teams to 30 different events, including cross country, archery, football, bowling and football. 120 children took part in external competitions or events over the course of the year and we went to our first events for children in EYFS. During the year we also organise inter house competitions including sports day. Unfortunately, the majority of inter-school competitions have been cancelled over the last two years due to the pandemic. We are now starting to take part in these events once again.

Progression of Knowledge, Skills and Vocabulary

In conjunction with the whole school overview, we use the whole school skills progression.

This will ensure that there is clear progression across the school and that the children’s skills are built on each year. 

This will also provide a clear guide for teachers, so they know which skills need to be taught in each area.


Teachers assess children's progress during each unit of work. Records of progress and achievement are kept half-termly. Progress is reported to parents at Parents' Evenings and in the end of year written report.

Miss Stubbs also keeps records of participation in sporting events so that she can see which events children have attended. This helps to ensure that a range of children are asked.

Celebrating Achievement

At St Mark’s, we are keen to celebrate children’s achievements in sport and PE. Each term a sports newsletter is shared with parents which details all of the events that have taken place over the term.

We have also introduced St Mark’s PE Superstar Certificates. At the end of each term teachers choose one child in their class who has demonstrated progress or effort in PE lessons.

We also present Sports Badges to children who have represented the school at 10 competitions.  

Impact of our PE Curriculum

By the time they leave St Mark's, children have:

  • Become physically confident, having
  • Developed fundamental movement skills of agility, balance and co-ordination, which they can apply to a variety of sports.
  • Enjoyed success and felt joy through physical activity and sport.
  • Developed personal skills and social skills through participation in individual, team, co-operative and competitive situations 
  • Become aware of the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle and the importance of choosing to be active throughout their lives.
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