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QUAD Kids 2017

Sports Funding

As a legacy from the Olympic Games in 2012, the Government have made a commitment to developing sport in schools. Teachers will have the opportunity to attend new inspirational training, and pupils will have experience of a greater range of sports. For example, Boccia, Archery and Bowling.  All children if all abilities are included in this programme. Each school recieves £8000 plus a small amount per pupil. Click on the document below to see how this money has been spent. For 2017-2018 this amount has been doubled and we are pleased to be able to buy new equipment for our recently refurbished school hall.


Sports Ambassadors

Each year two children from Year 6 are chosen to be Sports Ambassadors for the school. This year it is Christopher and Kirsten , and they were chosen because they regularly represent the school at Sporting Events. They are responsible for the Sport's Display Board and will present the Trophy on Sport's Day, as well as encouraging others to take part in sporting events.

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