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Cold Ash St. Mark's School Association (PTA)


“The work of the School Association is vital to the children and the school community. Not only does the fundraising help the school afford extra equipment and services to benefit our children, but the work is valuable in bringing together the school community at important times of the year”

Barry Anns - Chair of Governors July 2022

Every parent or guardian of a child or children attending the school is automatically a member of the School Association. Membership of the Association is also open to Governors and staff of the school as well as parents or guardians of ex-pupils of the school.

While every parent or guardian is automatically a member, the School Association Committee runs events on behalf of the School Association.
The committee welcomes new members and values the time that parents give to being involved
Summer Fete 2013 (18)

Over the past academic year the School Association have funded or partly funded the following:

  1. Swimming Lessons / Coach Transport for Year 3 & 4 - this has helped make swimming lesson costs more manageable for all parents
  2. Classroom Budgets – this covers new resources that each teacher uses throughout the year
  3. Subsidised coach transport for school trips – this has helped make visit costs more manageable for all parents
  4. Library Budget – providing a monthly budget to the school to buy new books for the library
  5. Benches for Year 4,5 & 6 – to allow children to have somewhere to sit for lunch outside
  6. Whiteboard Licenses - to enable the school to teach using the interactive whiteboards in each class
  7. Mr Quinn's salary (crossing patrol) – to keep everyone safe at the start and end of the day
  8. EYFS Refurb project – the SA have enabled this project to go ahead by funding £11k towards this
  9. AV Equipment replacement in the hall so all children and staff have ongoing access to online resources in the hall.

I would like to officially thank all the members of the School Association for their support and hard work this year, as a (very) small team we have managed to raise £20,000 which is phenomenal.

In addition to raising an amazing amount of money for our school, the School Association has:

  • provided an online pantomime at Christmas
  • held school discos
  • organised a fun run
  • organised working parties to tidy up the school grounds.

If you are interested in joining the School Association committee or in any of the roles on the committee, please contact Katie cameron on:


The Annual General Meeting for the School Association will be held in the school hall on 6th October 2022 at 7.45pm

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